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How much time do I need to purchase my wedding gown?

by David Tutera |

How much time do I need to purchase my wedding gown? 

I get this question asked of me all the time as I travel throughout the world speaking to brides planning their wedding. I ask how much time did it take to find the perfect partner you are going to marry? The reason I ask that is your dress takes time...and sometimes a long time to find the perfect fit, the perfect match and you will know when you are in the right dress and you look in the mirror and fall in love. 

Now don't get me wrong.....the person you are marrying is very important and you can’t put your partner on a hanger after the wedding. Your gown is a magical moment and special time in your life and you need to give yourself time. Think about how you want to look. Know what color looks best on you based on your skin tone. YOU need to stand and not be washed out by your dress color. 

Your silhouette needs to be the right one for your body type. If I may be honest for just a moment -and everyone knows I am super honest- there is a dress for every single bride out there, TRUST me. You don't have to be size two to be stunning. YOU are beautiful and fabulous no matter what. The gowns I have designed are structured to fit all my wonderful brides regardless of shape or size they are made to order because you the bride deserves to float down the aisle in style. Take time, don't rush, do your homework, look around, try on a few gowns....NOT a lot, I do not want you focused or overwhelmed.

If you find yourself stressed close your eyes and say to yourself...”what would David do right now....What would David tell me?” The answer is I would say breathe, relax and don't buy any dress until you fall in love with it just like you fell in love with your partner you are about to marry. Trust me....YOU will look stunning!