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Know Your Body Type

by Alex Devine |

The biggest downfall to a bride’s fashion is often mismatching the dress and the body type. Know your body shape and what silhouettes will work best on you. The key is to flatter your body and work with what you’ve got and who you are so you look amazing and your gown will complement your every move. There are four main body shapes: apple, pear, rectangle, and hourglass. Which one are you, and which dress styles will you look best in?



Full Face and neck
Broad shoulders
Full Chest
Undefined waist with narrower hips.
Flat backside
Shapely legs
Upper body with a larger frame than lower body

I Do's

Tops with detail or movement, either in fabric or embellishment Fitted corsets and bodices (as long as they are not too tight) Drop and V-necklines that pull attention away from your shoulders and down your torso.

I Don'ts

You radiate in simple style! Avoid gowns that play up the puffiness and fullness that unnecessarily make your upper body appear bigger than it is. Avoid large ballroom skirts and tulle; stick to A-lines and great empire waists.

Don’t wear veils that end at the widest part of your hips, which would accentuate them visually.

Overall Tips

Look for gowns with detailing around the waist. A cinched waist or a tie around the waist gives a slimming look.

Veils that fall right below your waist or even to mid thigh are perfect for you!

Celebrities Shaped Like This:


Jessica Simpson

Elizabeth Hurley

Amy Schumer



Long or slender neck
Narrow shoulders
Narrow Back
Small to medium bust
Defined Waist
Curvy hips and backside
Full Legs
Lower body with a larger frame than upper body

I Do's

Gowns with necklines that are scooped, draped, V-necked, rounded, or squared. (Any lower or wider neckline will look great as it will emphasize your upper body and drag attention to your face.)

Halter tops
Wide-set straps
Loose-fitting fabrics (sheers and organizers)
Fitted dress tops

I Don'ts

Stay away from body-hugging gowns that will only show every bump and curve.

Overall Tips

A-line and flared gowns look best on pears or a modest ball gown.

Say yes to embellishments and detailing! Gowns with a lot going on above the waist, in embroidery, beading, or fabric texture will balance your lower half.

Celebrities Shaped Like This:


Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian




Full neck
Broad back
Regular bust
Undefined waist
Overall balanced figure
Great legs and arms

I Do's

Dropped or cinched waists

A-line gowns with a bit of flare. Gathered at the waists

Tops that give the illusion of curves

Gowns that draw focus to your great legs and thighs.

I Don'ts

Avoid the extremes! Nix gowns that are clingy or tight on top, and steer clear of loose gowns (sheaths and empire waists) that do not show off your curves. Choose dresses with shape to give you shape!

Overall Tips

Gowns with tops are filled at the waist (like the mermaid cut) give the appearance of a curvier figure. Look for bodices that give shape to your torso, with boning or preexisting shape.

Celebrities Shaped Like This:

Kate Moss

Gwyneth Paltrow

Julia Roberts

Keira Knightley



Symmetrical shoulders and hips
Full, shapely bust
Distinctly defined waist
Medium to broad hips
Hips proportionate to shoulders
Shapely legs

I Do's

Gowns that enhance your bust and waist

Straight necklines will look great and show off your shoulders

Butterfly cuts (gowns with a long design or creases in the front) that add height

I Don'ts

Stay away from gowns that are too loose or overwhelming in size--they will only hide your beautiful curves.

Pass on short veils that will shorten your look, and avoid ruffles and bust line details. With embellishments, select small dots, crystals, or patterns for a soft and slimming look.

Overall Tips

Many dress styles work with your body type, just remember your goal! Accentuate your body and the curves you already have. Look for gowns with bodices that sit at your waist or lengthen your body (like drop waists).

Celebrities Shaped Like This:

Scarlet Johansson


Salma Hayek

Blake Lively